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April 1 and 2
We will be at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Montreal on April 1 and 2!
November 24, 2016
It’s here for you to explore! So go ahead and click everywhere, and while your here, why not plan your next adventure? That’s right, you can now book your next canoe trip – from A to Z – online! See our Packages and Fees section for further details. We would like to thank Promotions Citrus for designing and programming our website; Élan Communication for filling it with content and Christian Blanchard for translating to English; Brian Atkinson, Charles Thériault, Jacques Lévesque and Roch Dugas... ... plus ...
November 10, 2016
T-Formex canoes now sold at Arpin Canoe Restigouche
Invented by the Esquif International team, T-Formex was created as a replacement to Royalex, a product once distributed by PolyOne. At the time, canoes produced by Esquif International (then known as Esquif Canoes) were composed of 80% Royalex. When PolyOne went out of business in 2014, Esquif Canoes saw an opportunity to create a material better adapted to the needs of its clientele. According to the creators, T-Formex is 10% lighter and 20 times more resistant than Royalex. Arpin Canoe Restigo... ... plus ...
April 15, 1947 (Maclean's Magazine)
The Million-Dollar Pool in Maclean's Magazine
(...) Phineas, a century ago, acquired the Million-Dollar Pool with a pinch of gunpowder and a small charge of buckshot. New Brunswick, at the time, was having a boundary dispute with the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec). As you hear it in the Restigouche Valley, the governors of New Brunswick and Canada both liked to fish, so they turned the argument into an excuse for journeying down the Restigouche together. Tey figured they could look over the border locale personnaly - at odd moments... ... plus ...