• Venture on a journey of life-size landscapes

  • A unique adventure in a millenary landscape

  • Our rivers: Theater of unforgettable moments

  • The Restigouche: A wild paradise in the heart of the Appalachians

  • All inclusive packages... even the cook!


Welcome to Arpin Canoe Restigouche, New Brunswick’s ultimate destination for the adventurer at heart! Just imagine: the Appalachian Mountains, 500 km of river riding without carry, all-inclusive or self guided packages, sightings of moose, bald eagles and wild Atlantic salmon… we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Surrounded by the Acadian Forest, ride down the Restigouche River and its five main branches – the Gounamitz, Upsalquitch, Patapédia, Little Main and Kedgwick rivers -, spend the night on a riverside campground, and fuel up on nature safely and hassle free!

Whether you’re paddling solo, with friends of family style, make the most of the freedom, wild spaces and endless discoveries your adventure has to offer!

In Larry’s footsteps

Gently cruise down the river that once cradled Larry Vicaire, a Micmac guide famous for his canoeing skills, storytelling prowess, and knowledge of the forest and Restigouche River. During the last...

Quah-tah-tam Kedgwick

A short, one-day trip that allows you to just sit back, relax, and let your worries be washed away. We take care of everything while you enjoy the calm, pristine, winding waters of our beloved river!

Classic Restigouche

The perfect journey for the aspiring adventurer! With its constant water flow throughout the seasons, the Restigouche River will allow you to forget your everyday life and discover new and majestic...


If you’re in the mood for something with a little “kick”, look no further! The Patapedia River’s fast flow and white waters will take you through impressive mountains and sceneries of raw,...

The log driver highway

Follow the trail of these courageous men and relive an important part of the region’s history! Each spring, the log drivers would brave the freezing waters during the season’s breakup period and...
Whalen Mountain: Kedgwick River valley (Brian Atkinson)Clearwater Brook (Brian Atkinson)Rapid Depot: Where’s my canoe? (Brian Atkinson)Lac Stillwater, Kedgwick (Brian Atkinson)Hot cocoa! (Brian Atkinson)Esquif Miramichi (Brian Atkinson)Cooking on campfire (Brian Atkinson)Go with the flow (Brian Atkinson)Falls Brook fall (Brian Atkinson)Bald Eagle watching over the Restigouche (Arpin Canoe Restigouche)Stand up paddle, Kedgwick (Brian Atkinson)Eggs Benedict (Brian Atkinson)